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Sunny - High Priest

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Sunny - High Priest Empty Sunny - High Priest

Post by sunny on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:13 pm

Class: High Priest or Professor
*I do not have a character yet. I'm looking for a server to play on. If you accept me into guild, I will play as a High Priest or Professor (whatever guild needs most)

Nationality and language(s): American; English/Spanish
Age: 18
When are you Available for partying: 12H00-24H00 GMT-6
We organize EACH DAY a party in Hugel at:
21H00 France GMT +1
15H00 3pm In USA CANADA GMT-5
04H00 AM in GMT +8

Of course there will be other parties at different moments.
Can you use Teamspeak ? Yes
Why do you want to join us? I took a one year break from RO and I want to play again. I am looking for a friendly, non-WoE guild that can help me recreate a pleasant RO experience^^


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Sunny - High Priest Empty Re: Sunny - High Priest

Post by Sabaton on Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:15 pm

HAy HAy! We really need exepricende Hp & professors atm. You choosed the best moment for joining: we all are low level atm. It will be awsome if you canplay both class (rate 50 allow you to have at least 2 efficient chars ^^' )

Welcome to EPIC Action!
Meet us inHugel (08 PM - GMT) or PM Axxis or Canelle IG
(sorry for the typo, im a bit drunk when i write this.)

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