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NSB App :Blush: Blush:

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NSB App :Blush: Blush:

Post by NSB on Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:13 am

Name:Kendall, Ken
Class: Priest
Current lvl:96/50
Current equipments:
(None yet)Should take one week. I'm still on Vacation haha.

Headgear-top: Fberet
Headgear-Mid: Giant Hornet Sunglasses
Headgear-Lower: Gangster Mask
Armor: +7 Unfrozen/ED Divine Coat
Weapon: Long Mace/+8-10 SoR
Shield: +7 Thara Frog Valk Shield
Garment: +7 Radric Dustiness Wool Scarf
Shoes: +7 Green Ferus Tidals/Variants
Accessories: Hide/2x Nimble O.G

We will ask you informations about you
Nationality and language(s): American/English
When are you Available for partying:
15H00 3pm In USA CANADA GMT-5

Additional Info:
ventrilio/mic: Yes
IRC: yes
Previous Servers: LegendRO,LegacyRO
Previous Guilds: Enox,Nabz,RO Buddies, Mafakas

Started playing RO in 2005, quit 2008. Bit of an old school player.
Reason why I'm playing again is because I love to WoE and make Vids and because my friends are coming back.


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Re: NSB App :Blush: Blush:

Post by Sabaton on Wed May 04, 2011 2:27 am

Find seraphin IG, your application is really good but i don't play here so i can't tell you...

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Re: NSB App :Blush: Blush:

Post by seraphin on Wed May 04, 2011 8:53 am

Hello Ken and welcome in our guild
Pm Canelle (me Smile) for recrutment


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Re: NSB App :Blush: Blush:

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